Mazda CX 3 2019 Specs, Release Date and Price

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017. | Mazda

Another new generation by Mazda is Mazda CX 3 2019. The popularity and the successfulness has been gotten by the Mazda automotive. Some upgrades beneath the hood and look within outside have the higher selections.

Red Mazda CX 3 2019 Front Angle

The corporate prepares the higher improvement within the engine specification and also the style construct for the new automotive product is CX 3 2019.

Mazda CX 3 2019 Exterior

Although the Mazda has not informed the complete feature of new Mazda CX 3 officially, some people make speculations for this new car. Overall bodywork outside, the manufacturer will give bold design on the bodywork. The design will go along small frame. When you look at the front side, Mazda CX 3 2019 will be completed with the emblem of Mazda. As the background, the emblem will alongside horizontal contour. The form of new Mazda CX 3 is different when you look at different sides. If you look this car from front side, the latest Mazda CX 3 looks like crossover SUV, while at the rear end looks like hatchback. To enhance better visibility at night, mist, snow, or rain, both headlights will have LED mode. Besides that, the braking lamp at the rear end also has LED mode. It is useful not only to provide clear warning but also a part of safety feature.

Mazda CX 3 2019 Interior

Comfortable and enjoyable of new Mazda CX 3 during driving will be also delivered by the overall cabin inside. The brand new of Mazda CX 3 will be designed to accommodate five adults. All seats are modified by high quality material. It will use premium leather to provide more convenient. Besides that, there will be available safety features for keeping everyone out of severe injury during collision or accident like seatbelts, parking assist, lane departure, blind spot monitoring, and rear view camera. To improve the capability of Mazda CX 3 2019, there are available some instruments and panels. The Mazda manufacturer also offers some sensors, which are useful for driver to control the condition of road.

Mazda CX 3 2019 Engine

Apart of new improvements, besides the exterior and interior sides, the Mazda manufacturer will give new impression under the hood of new Mazda CX 3. Based on a rumor, the manufacturer will provide three variants of powertrain. Besides that, each of the variants will come out with similar engine capacity. For the Sport variant of Mazda CX 3 2019 will be powered by a 2.0 liter engine. It has capability to deliver 146 horsepower. There is speculation mentions that the engine spec is able to deliver great acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8 seconds. Possibility, the latest Mazda CX 3 will not get the high speed driving from the spec, bit the number of acceleration is quite impressive than the rivals on the automotive market. By using the spec, the fuel consumption will be more efficient. Therefore, new Mazda CX 3 will have 27 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway.

Mazda CX 3 2019 Release Date and Price

As the recent model, new Mazda CX 3 2019 will be available in the market around next two year, 2019. The price will be slightly higher than the previous model. According to a rumor, the price range of this car will be approximately $19,960. Besides that, the other variants of Touring model will go around $21,960, while the Grand Touring will go around $24,999.