2018 Renault Alaskan Specs, Release date and price

Monday, February 20th 2017. | Renault

Seeing that the trucks and crossovers market are always on the huge demand it is no surprise that many automakers take their new step by producing a new car to enter and try their fate in this class. For Renault, the French automaker they have showcased their Alaskan truck not long ago and it was only a concept but then they released the production version and we could predict that it was the rebadged version of Navara. In the future, its expensive price can hurt itself. But, they offer the new 2018 Renault Alaskan in Columbia and now it is expected to expand their market to Europe, Africa and even Asia.

New Renault Alaskan Front Angle

2018 Renault Alaskan Exterior

2018 Alaskan has the body of the Navara and Renault worked the front as well as the rear ends to make it more exciting. The truck has large grille that is similar to latest Renault’s cars at the front and the headlights will be wrapped by LED daytime running light with the extended lines by the grille. The fog lamps are completed with C-shaped chrome inserts for its front and the back has silver metal shields. The large badge placed in the front is imposing and this truck comes with new tail lights to give a complete look. It is quite different from the Navara since it has crew-cab configuration only.

2018 Renault Alaskan Interior

The instrument cluster is well-designed with plenty of buttons around the cabin and the center stack is wide to complete its look. There will be a basic radio and MP3 player, but it is possible for buyers to go with 7-inch of infotainment unit that can be found in other cars from Renault. It is still a big question whether or not Renault will give more road-oriented version for 2018 Renault Alaskan, but it seems impossible.

2018 Renault Alaskan Engine

There will be one engine only and it wouldn’t be similar to Navara. It has 2.3 liter twin-turbocharged and inline four diesel that provide even more than 190 hp and more than 300 lb-ft of torque. Rumors said that the new 2018 Renault Alaskan will be possible to have single-turbo version with lesser output that is about 160 hp. For the engine, it seems the company will use six-speed manual gearbox for the standard and seven speed automatic for the optional. Even some market may be offered with 2.5 liter diesel as the older generation unit and it is for less developed areas that need reliable engine. The standard will be rear-wheel drive and the optional is all-wheel drive.

2018 Renault Alaskan Release date and price

The body construction is still the same as the Navara especially for the basic chassis. It is also designed with rugged suspension system and nice engine. Currently, the base price is about 22,000 pounds in UK market and the new 2018 Renault Alaskan is suggested to be about 25,000 pounds. The debut will be ready for the UK market in the end of 2017 and it will hit the global market by 2018. Well, all information has not been verified by the company yet.